Small Trivet for Milk Pot Cooking


By using this auxiliary small trivet, you can place small diameter pots that cannot be placed on a typical gas stove. It help prevents small pots from slipping, perfect for coffee pots, milk pots, oyakodon pots, and teapots. It is made of heat-resistant ceramics that can withstand a temperature difference of 700 degrees CelsiusSo you won't have to worry about it breaking due to temperature differences. In addition, the residual heat effect continues even after the fire is turned off. 

- Size: 14 x H 1.05 cm (diameter of center circle 3 cm)
- Material: Heat-resistant ceramics
- Made in Japan
- Notes:
  • Not applicable if the diameter of the stove rack is greater than 14 cm, and it is applicable if the pot volume is less than 1000 ml.
  • Make sure that the small trivet is stable in the center of the gas stove before turning on the gas.
  • It is still at a high temperature after heating. Do not touch it directly with your hands. Wait till it cools down before cleaning. 
  • Use soft sponge and neutral detergent to clean, then dry in a cool place.


日本五德陶瓷的小鍋瓦斯爐架,簡單架上爐,就能平穩地放置各種直徑10-14cm 的小鍋具與水壺。能有效幫助穩定小型鍋具,不再在瓦斯爐上傾倒、滑落,無論熱牛奶、煮茶、煎蛋、製作醬料、融化奶油,日常的各種加熱需求都能在架上完成。以耐熱陶器製成,可承受溫度變化達至 700 ℃,因此不用擔心有破裂問題,而且不易冷卻高效能蓄熱,關火後餘熱能保溫,從摩卡壺、小鍋、到小壺均能完美加熱!

- 尺寸:14 x H 1.05 cm(中心圓直徑 3 cm)
- 材質:耐熱陶器 
- 產地:日本

- 注意事項:

  • 爐架直徑大於14公分不適用,鍋內容量1000 ml 以下適用。
  • 請確保縮口架穩定在瓦斯爐架中央後,再開火。
  • 加熱使用後仍是高溫狀態,請勿直接用手觸摸,小心使用避免燙傷。
  • 請使用軟質刷具及中性洗劑清洗,洗淨後陰涼處晾乾即可。