Snowflake Cookware Protector 3P Set


These snowflake-shaped protectors are helpful for storing pots and plates safer and longer life. Made of soft materials, it can be placed between stacked cookware and tableware as a buffer protection to prevent pots from being scratched, worn, and paint off. 

- Size: 40.7 x H 0.1 cm (set of 3)
- Material: Polyester
- Made in China (owned by Neoflam)
- Notes: 

  • Use water with neutral detergent to handwash only. No dishwasher, tumble dry or bleach
  • Dry the pot thoroughly before placing the protector for storage.  
  • Do not place it near the fire source. Do not put sharp objects on it.


由 Neoflam 獨家開發,這款如同雪花片狀的保護墊,是讓鍋具與盤子收納更安全、便利的實用小物。柔軟的材質,可放置於堆疊的鍋具、餐具之間,當作緩衝防護,防止鍋具刮傷、磨損、掉漆,保護心愛的盤子們在堆疊時不被刮傷,大大提升了收納空間。

- 尺寸:40.7 x H 0.1 cm (每組3入)
- 材質:聚酯纖維
- 產地:中國
- 注意事項:
  • 請使用清水搭配中性洗滌劑手洗,請勿機洗、烘乾或漂白
  • 鍋具請乾燥後再收納,避免因潮濕導致發霉
  • 避免靠近火源,請勿使用尖銳物品於保護墊,以免造成損壞