Sorghum Desktop Broom

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Made of natural sorghum, which is characterized by its supple tips and low oil content, this broom is woven by craftsmen one by one. It is exquisite, lightweight, convenient, durable, and environmentally friendly. The slanted body design makes it very easy to sweep, especially for your desk or a small space. It comes with a leather string, which can be used to hang on the wall as an interior decoration when not in use. 

- Size: Large 14 x 24 cm, Small 11 x 18.5 cm
- Material: Sorghum, Leather string 
- Made in Thailand
- Note: Recommended to use with a dustpan



- 尺寸:大 14 x 24 cm, 小 11 x 18.5 cm
- 材質:高粱稈,皮革繩
- 產地:泰國
- 注意事項:建議搭配簸箕使用更方便