Storage Box Set


These storage boxes help keep your house tidy and organized easily, and to hide away toys and other things in a cute and stylish way. They are made of 100% printed cardboard and has a leather strap at the top. There are two pattern styles to choose. Each pack comes with three boxes in different sizes. They can be used in living room, bedroom, or kids room. 

- Size: Large 28 x H 32 cm, Medium 23 x H 26 cm, Small 17 x H 20 cm
- Material: Cardboard
- Made in China

- Notes: wipe with a wet cloth for cleaning



- 尺寸:大 28 x H 32 cm, 中 23 x H 26 cm, 小 17 x H 20 cm
- 材質:硬紙板
- 產地:中國
- 注意事項:請用濕布擦拭清潔