Stringa Potholder 2P Set


Comes from OYOY Stringa series, the good looking appearance of these potholders do not detract from practicality as they feature plenty of internal padding, so they are great for handling hot pots. The cotton material is soft and comfortable. There are two colors to choose from, and it comes in two pieces a set. 

- Size: L 25 x W 15 cm
- Material: Cotton
- Made in India
- Notes: 40° machine wash is recommended

層疊線條隔熱巾 (2入組)

來自丹麥OYOY Stringa系列將實用性和時尚外觀完美結合,色彩選用北歐色系,給人一種精緻的質感。此款隔熱巾以純棉製成,手感柔軟親膚,内裏含有聚酯墊,隔熱效果佳,非常適合處理熱的鍋具,還有小挂鈎,吊掛起來也相當好看。有兩款顔色,一套含有兩條,可以隨處擺放在各處,為家打造更和諧的色系。

- 尺寸:L 25 x W 15 cm
- 材質:純棉
- 產地:印度
- 注意事項:建議40°機洗