Tape and Bag Cutter


This cutter can cut vegetable tape as well as open bags. There are two modes: "Bag cut mode" when the main unit is folded, for cutting sweets, retort pouches, and envelopes; "Tape cut mode" when you open main unit, for cutting small tapes used to hold vegetable or close bags, and sealing tape for boxes. It comes with a magnet on the back, which can be easily attached to a metal surface such as a refrigerator. 

- Size: L 9.5 x W 3.4 x H 2 cm
- Material: ABS resin, Stainless steel, Magnet
- Made in Japan



- 尺寸:L 9.5 x W 3.4 x H 2 cm
- 材質:ABS 樹脂(耐熱溫度 80℃)、不鏽鋼、磁鐵
- 產地:日本