Teeth Whitening Sponge


Developed by a medical doctor from Hiroshima University in Japan and patented, this specially processed melamine sponge effectively removes dirt stuck in the ultra-fine grooves on the tooth surface that cannot be removed with a toothbrush, giving you ideal white teeth. No abrasives or chemicals are used, it is ideal for frequent consumers of coffee, tea, wine, and smokers.

- Contents: 8 pieces sponge, 1 special tweezers
- Made in Japan
- How to use: 
  1. Use the included tweezers to hold the sponge. Wet in water and lightly drain.
  2. Gently rub the surface of the tooth with the sponge. Then gargle after use.
  3. Suggested to use once or twice a week.

 - Notes:

  • For hygiene reasons, use the sponge only once. Do not swallow the sponge.
  • Do not use it for anything other than removing tooth stains.
  • Be careful not to apply too much force and damage the tooth surface or gums.
  • This product is specially designed for natural teeth. Do not use on artificial teeth.

日本專利美白牙齒海綿 8 入

由日本廣島大學醫學博士開發並取得專利,廣受好評、在牙醫界也備受關注的 SUPONJI 美白海綿,讓你在家就能做好美白護理!獨家研發超微米極細網狀海綿,大小僅 0.2 微米,可去除牙齒表面的超細微變色和污漬,無研磨劑、化學藥劑,不怕傷害到法瑯質,適合常喝咖啡、茶飲、葡萄酒及吸煙者使用。

- 內容物:海綿 8 入,專用夾子 1 個
- 產地:日本
- 使用方式:
  1. 刷牙後以專用鑷子夾取 1 片海綿,並用清水輕輕沾濕海綿。
  2. 輕輕用海綿來回擦拭牙齒表面,並於使用後以清水漱口。
  3. 建議每星期使用 1-2 次。

    - 注意事項:

    • 海綿請勿重複使用。請勿吞食海綿。
    • 除了美白牙齒外,請勿將商品用於其他用途。
    • 使用時請注意力度,以保護牙齒和牙齦表面。
    • 本產品為自然牙齒專用,人工牙齒請勿使用。