The Kettle


As Balumda best seller, The Kettle is simply effective and beautifully compact. It is lightweight and easy to use, perfect for everyday kitchen needs. The kettle's power light is a unique feature that can be seen from any angle. The handle fits snugly into your hand and the hot water flows smoothly from the nozzle, letting you direct the flow exactly where you want it to go. From carefully made pour-over coffee to ordinary cups of tea, this kettle is a beautiful and comfortable companion. 

- Size:
Kettle L 27 x W 12.8 x H 19 cm (600 ml)
Base L 27 x W 14.2 x H 19.4 cm

- Material: Stainless steel, Polypropylene
- Made in China


BALMUDA 品牌超暢銷的手沖壺,不僅外型美麗,手感也是絕佳,讓人愛不釋手,天天都想使用。在研發階段,設計師收集了專業咖啡師的建議,才打造出這款流線型細口壺嘴外型,搭配輕巧容量與握把,讓你輕鬆控制水流,實現前所未有的注水感。經典霧面黑、白兩色,宛如微亮燭光的煮水燈號設計,360角度都能看見,安全又美觀。無論是茶、咖啡、泡麵,或任何需要用到熱水的時候,The Kettle 將令您的廚房和餐桌體驗更愉快!

- 尺寸:
本體 L 27 x W 12.8 x H 19 cm (600 ml)
含電源底座 L 27 x W 14.2 x H 19.4 cm

- 材質:不鏽鋼、聚丙烯
- 產地:中國