The Toaster


BALMUDA The Toaster uses steam technology and precise temperature control to enhance the three essential elements of any culinary delight. It features four distinct steam-driven modes and an Oven Mode. Second-by-second control of three temperature zones creates superb contrasts of flavor and texture. What makes it unique is the five cc of water poured in at the beginning of each toast. Heating more rapidly than air, the steam locks in the bread's inner moisture before the surface is given a golden brown finish. This process draws out the delicious aroma and flavor unlike any other. It can also be used to make dishes such as cookies and lasagna just like a regular oven. 

- Size: 
Outer L 35.7 x W 32.1 x H 20.9 cm
Inner L 27.4 x W 20.4 x H 17.8 cm

- Material: Stainless steel
- Made in China
- Notes: Be sure to clean your toaster regularly for a reliably delicious toasted finish. 


説到 BALMUDA,第一個肯定會想到席捲全球、榮獲設計大獎的 The Toaster。品牌以科學角度鑽研烤吐司,成功發明出獨家蒸氣技術及完美的溫度控制,讓每個人都能在家烤出令人讚嘆的美味吐司。烤箱有五種模式,吐司、起司吐司、法國麵包、可頌麵包、經典,根據不同品項,讓麵包呈現剛出爐的狀態。設有三個溫度控制帶,能實現令人印象深刻的烘烤,除了麵包也適用在各種料理上。

The Toaster 質感的外型也是讓人愛不釋手的重點,流暢的線型及時尚的窗框,除了經典的黑、白,還有現代的灰色及淺褐色選擇,擺在各種風格的廚房都很理想!

- 尺寸:
本機 L 35.7 x W 32.1 x H 20.9 cm
爐內 L 27.4 x W 20.4 x H 17.8 cm

- 材質:不鏽鋼
- 產地:中國
- 注意事項:
  • 注水管、鍋爐蓋、烤架、麵包屑盤皆可拆除。
  • 清潔保養次數可依使用頻率做調整。請使用濕布及中性清潔劑擦拭烤箱內部。