Tower Leaning Ladder Hanger


This slim, modern rack has endless uses. It fits your bedroom or living room, and it helps save space. Prop it against the wall to store throws and linens, or use it as a catch-all rack. Use each of the rungs to hang clothing, accessories, and bedding. Thinking about hanging items instead of draping them? Toss on a few simple s-hooks and hang to your heart's content. No wall mounting required. Silicone padding on both ends prevent damage to the floor and walls.With this multi-purpose ladder hanger, it not only brings convenience to life, but also adds a stylish texture to the messy kitchen.

- Materials: Steel, Wood
- Size: L 9.4 x W 17.7 x H 63 inches
- Load-bearing weight: Bars: 2.2 lbs. each

- Assembly: Required, with hardware & tools provided 



- 材質:鋼,木
- 尺寸:L 9.4 x W 17.7 x H 63 inches
- 可承受重量:每隔2.2磅
- 注意事項:需組裝,内附所需工具