Triangular Pot Holder - Natural Series (M)


This triangular pot holder has been very popular since its release. The round triangle design fits perfectly on the lid or handle of the pot, and makes it highly functional. Made of 100% cotton, it is soft to the touch. With a stitch hook in the middle, it can be hung on the kitchen when is not in use. Available in 5 cute simple colors, it will be a nice gift for friends too.

- Size: W 12.5 x H 9 cm
- Material: Cotton, Polyester filling
- Made in Japan


自開售以來就相當熱賣的三角隔熱套系列,以可愛簡單的顏色及設計,為功能性餐廚用具增添活潑度,平時掛在廚房牆上也能裝飾空間。採用厚實柔軟的100% 日本棉製作,手感舒適,隔熱效果佳,無論要拿鍋蓋或端持器皿的雙耳皆可用。五款溫柔好看的純色系,也很適合作為禮物送人。

- 尺寸:W 12.5 x H 9 cm
- 材質:純棉、聚酯纖維填充
- 產地:日本