Tube Vase with Wooden Stand


This glass vase with wooden stand is shaped like a test tube, which looks cute and special. With a narrow and clear glass body, it is suitable for both dried flowers and water plants. There are 4 styles with different base and tube combinations. The lightweight and detachable design make it easy to clean and refill, creating a fresh atmosphere for the space. 

- Size:
Single  L 4 x W 4 x H 14 cm
Three L 11 x W 4 x H 14 cm

Tube 1.5 x H 12 cm

- Material: Mango wood, Glass, Iron
- Made in India



單瓶 L 4 x W 4 x H 14 cm
三瓶 L 11 x W 4 x H 14 cm

玻璃管口徑 1.5 x H 12 cm

- 材質:芒果木、玻璃、鐵
- 產地:印度