Uchicook One-Click Tongs


These tongs come from the Japanese kitchenware brand AUX, which stands for “attractive utensil expert”. Unlike conventional tongs that need to be held with one hand and locked with the other, these improved and convenient tongs can be locked and unlocked with one hand. It is made of heat resistant material that will not scratch the surface of your pans, so it is great to use for deep-frying and stir-frying. The generous length and serrated design make it easy to clamp all kinds of food, including pasta. Also, the head is raised so the tongs can be set down on the counter during cooking or on the table without leaving marks.

- Size: L 26 x W 3.4 x H 3.9 cm
- Material: Heat resistant nylon (190℃), Glass fiber, Stainless steel
- Made in Japan
- Note: 
  • Dishwasher safe. 
  • Do not place it directly at high temperatures, fire sources, or a heated pot for a long time.



- 尺寸:L 30.7 x W 6.9 x H 5.4 cm 
- 材質:耐高溫尼龍(耐熱度190℃)、玻璃纖維、不鏽鋼
- 產地:日本
- 注意事項:
  • 洗碗機可用。
  • 請勿直接置於高溫、火源處或長時間接觸加熱中的鍋子。