Ultimate Series Rice Storage Bag (2P)


This storage bag is developed with a rice professional to preserve delicious rice. Sealed with a double zipper, it effectively cuts off light and air to keep rice refresh for a longer time. Rice is hard to oxidize with a check valve. Because it is a bag with a gusset, it saves space and can be stored independently in a refrigerator. A set of 2, each bag can hold 3.6L of rice, coffee beans or flour, and it can be reused. 

- Size: L 30 x W 30 x thickness 0.009 cm (each bag holds 3.6L, a set of 2)
- Material: Polyethylene, PET, Aluminum deposition (cold resistance 0°C)
- Made in Japan
- Notes:

  • Do not wash with water. Wipe off dirt with a disinfecting sheet. 
  • Do not put near fire. No microwave, oven or freezer.

極系列 儲米保鮮袋 (2 入)

你知道嗎?脫殼後的白米,會在空氣與高溫中慢慢氧化,擺放時間越久,越容易產生脂肪酸、黃麴毒素等不好的物質,因此建議一定要冷藏保存,才能保留住米的濕潤、口感與光澤。然而,就算冰箱再怎麼乾淨,米都還是容易吸附冰箱味,因此日本 MARNA 專為米的保存,設計這款保鮮袋,密封設計可有效阻絕光線、氣味,並附有止回閥可排出空氣,徹底保鮮米粒!除了裝米,獨特的保鮮原理,也能應用於咖啡豆、麵粉等易吸附味道的食材。一組2入,每袋可裝三公斤的大容量非常好運用,推薦大家一定要多買幾個!

- 尺寸:L 30 x W 30 x 厚度 0.009 cm(每袋 3.6 L、共 2 入)
- 材質:聚乙烯、PET、鋁(耐寒溫度 0°C)
- 產地:日本
- 注意事項:

  • 請勿水洗,用消毒紙巾輕輕擦去污垢,可重複使用
  • 請勿接近火源,勿放入微波爐、烤箱、或冷凍庫中