Vegetable Cleaning Powder


Made of 100% natural materials from scallop shell ingredients, this popular Hotapa powder effectively removes dirt such as pesticides and was attached to vegetables and fruits. The vitamin C component not only eliminates chlorine from tap water, it also prevents the outflow of vitamins and minerals from vegetables. In addition, pour the water after use the powder into the drain pipe help clean the dirt and bacteria. With its antioxidant action, you can use it gently on your fingers as well as vegetables and fruits. 

- Package size: 6.5 x H 8.5 cm (90 g)
- Material: Scallop shell calcined calcium, Vitamin C
- Made in Japan
- Notes:  Use 1g per 2L of water


日本超人氣 HOTAPA 蔬果清洗劑,以 100% 天然扇貝殼燒製鈣打造,只要一小匙就能達到去農藥、除蠟、除氯效果,同時因含有維生素 C,亦可有效防止蔬果的營養素流失。保證無添加界面活性劑、螢光劑和香料,用這個清洗不必擔心會吃到化學物,還可以讓蔬果更乾淨,無論洗米、洗砧板、餐具都能用,洗完後的水直接倒入水槽,更可幫水管清潔除箘,一小罐多功能,實在太方便划算!

- 包裝尺寸:6.5 x H 8.5 cm (90 g)
- 材質:扇貝殼燒製鈣、維生素 C
- 產地:日本
- 使用建議:每 2 L 水量使用 1 g