1.9L Vido Series Vacuum Container - Deep L


Fujihoro Vido series container is the first innovation of "enamel box + vacuum preservation" to achieve a better life. It uses Vacummsaver patented technology. The vacuum structure has obtained international patents and complies with Japanese JIS standards, which can effectively delay food oxidation, block moisture, and inhibit bacterial reproduction. Made of high quality enamel, it is lightweight, durable, non-toxic, bacteria free, odor free, stain resistance, and easy to clean. It does not affect the original taste of food, and is the most suitable for storing food. In addition, this container can be heated by direct fire and put into the oven. It can be used in many ways, like pickled food, baked dishes, picnic, bento box, and more. 

- Size: DL 20.5 x 16 x H 9 cm (1.9 L)
- Material: Porcelain enameled on carbon steel, PP, Silicone
- Made in Thailand
- Notes: 
  • Body is compatible with gas stove, IH induction cooker, oven, electric pot, and air flyer. 
  • Dishwasher safe, with lid on top rack. 
  • No microwave.
  • Do not freeze it in the vacuum status.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners. 
  • After use, please let the pot cool down naturally before washing.

真空琺瑯烘培保鮮盒 附蓋深型 DL

富士琺瑯 Vido 真空系列首創【琺瑯盒+真空保鮮】,採用Vacummsaver 專利技術,真空構造取得國際以及日本JIS標準認證。搭配真空抽氣筒和真空蓋使用,可有效延緩食物氧化、阻隔濕氣,同時抑制細菌繁殖。琺瑯盒更具有不影響食物原味,不易染色、不殘留異味、耐磨耐刮、容易清洗等特點,是最適合保存食物的容器。此深型系列的琺瑯盒容量較大,即是容器又是鍋具,可直接加熱、可入烤箱,各種腌製食品、焗烤、烘培、野餐、便當等都能一盒搞定,滿足不同需求!

尺寸:深型 DL 20.5 x 16 x H 9 cm (1.9 L)

- 材質:
上蓋:矽膠、PP(耐熱120℃,耐冷 -20℃)
本體:鋼板、玻璃琺瑯釉料(耐熱500℃,耐冷 -20℃)

- 產地:泰國
- 注意事項:

  • 爲確保真空蓋使用年限,請勿於真空狀態下冷凍,以免影響使用效果
  • 本體適用於瓦斯爐、IH爐、電磁爐、黑金爐等多種火源,可進烤箱、電鍋、氣炸鍋
  • 洗碗機可用,蓋子放上層
  • 微波爐不可用
  • 勿使用鋼刷刷洗,請使用清水和海綿輕輕刷洗即可
  • 使用完畢後請先讓鍋體自然冷卻之後再進行洗滌動作,以免因短時間內的熱漲冷縮造成釉料的剝落