Vintage Wood Stand & Cutting Board


Sample work was done 4 times and took about 6 months until release, this square wood stand is absolutely Bracket Table's exclusive product. The idea is based on a kitchen cutting board. By adding 4 legs, it turns to a cute and multi-functional wood stand. You can be creative to put on drinks, bread, desserts, and snacks, giving the table a more layered and ritual feel. It is designed to express vintage and natural wood, so it has a very rough finish. The handmade art and wood pattern create a textured atmosphere like a nostalgic coffee shop.

- Size: L 23 x W 12 x H 12 cm 
- Material: Paulownia wood
- Made in China


調整打樣 4 次,歷時 6 個月才設計完成的可愛木架,以廚房備料方形砧板為主題,在下方加入了四支角,讓廚房工具化身為餐桌道具,一物多用,無論擺上咖啡飲品、麵包甜點、起司小點都非常合適,讓桌面更有層次感與儀式感。以天然木材手工製成,自然木紋理加上特意打造的粗糙感,使其充滿復古味道,為空間營造出如懷舊咖啡廳、選品店般的質感氛圍!

- 尺寸:L 23 x W 12 x H 12 cm 
- 材質:泡桐木材
- 產地:中國