Wooden Sheet for Tempura & Fried Food


This traditional wrapping paper is often placed under Japanese cuisine like rice ball and fried food. It is made of natural wood from Hokkaido, and cut as thin as paper. It is not only pure natural, non-dye and chemical-free, but also very good in air permeability and moisture absorption. A thin sheet can be used to pack Taiyaki, or put it underneath tempura or fried chicken to keep the fresh taste. It is also suitable for dishes such as sashimi that need to absorb juice. 

- Size: L 17 x W 14.5 cm (10 sheet per pack)
- Material: Natural Shina Wood
- Made in Japan



- 尺寸:L 17 x W 14.5 cm (10 入組)
- 材質:北海道產経木
- 產地:日本