Yoshizawa Oldwhite Lucky Cat Plate 6.5"


This plate has the motif of a "maneki cat" that beckons good fortune in a lovely pose. The oldwhite color is very expressive and creates an old-fashioned atmosphere. It is just the right size for sweets or used as a serving plate. The warm and soothing beckoning cat is sure to bring a smile to your table. 

- Size: L 16 x W 11 x H 2 cm (6.5" x 4.5")
- Material: Ceramic
- Made in Japan
- Notes:

  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • No direct fire or oven.
  • The glaze finish or texture might vary slightly.

來自日本吉澤窯的益子燒,這款以招財貓為主題的盤子,使用了復古的 oldwhite 釉色,給人懷舊日式風格的印象。不帶光澤感的表面,讓動物造型更加立體,無論放在玄關或餐桌上,都能顯得亮眼。恰好可作為糖果盤或小餐盤的尺寸,能多方應用於日常生活中,擁有招財意涵的它,説不定還能為你帶來好運喔!

- 尺寸:L 16 x W 11 x H 2 cm (6.5" x 4.5")
- 材質:陶器
- 產地:日本
- 注意事項:

  • 洗碗機、微波爐可用,烤箱、直火不可用。
  • 此商品為手作陶器,每個色彩和形狀會存在些許個體差異,呈現鐵斑、氣孔、釉痕皆爲正常現象,并不影響使用。首次使用前,建議用洗米水浸泡5-10分鐘,冷水冲洗乾净,自然晾乾即可。