Yummy Pear Placemat


Set up a kid-friendly table with this placemat that illustrates a pear with a cute face look. The material and design of this placemat is playful for children to touch and therefore good for the child's tactility. Made of 100% silicone and with a large surface, it is a practical item on the dining table and easy to clean.

- Size: L 45 x W 35 x H 0.2 cm
- Material: Silicon
- Made in China
Notes: Dishwasher safe. Recommended to wipe with a wet cloth for cleaning


來自丹麥品牌 OYOY 的MINI餐墊系列,以梨子造型為主題,更增添童趣的樣子設計,既可以豐富孩子們的想像力,還能讓他們乖巧地坐在餐桌前用餐。餐墊使用面積大,選用耐高溫達200°C 的優質矽膠材質,防滑且彈性佳,不只容易清洗,也不易沾油漬、汙漬,能保護桌面不被刮傷,兼具實用及美感,根本是家有小小孩的救星!

- 尺寸:L 45 x W 35 x H 0.2 cm
- 材質:矽膠
- 產地:中國
- 注意事項:洗碗機可用,建議用濕布擦拭清潔