Zinc Glass Tumbler


This cup comes from La Rochere, the oldest glass manufacturer in France. The design is inspired by the propeller of an airplane. The striped pattern on the glass cup body looks simple and stylish. It is easy to use and easy to clean, suitable for water, wine and all kinds of beverages. 

- Size: Small 7 x H 6.7 cm (100 ml), Large 8.7 x H 9.2 cm (200 ml)
- Material: Glass
- Made in France


此杯子來自法國最古老的玻璃製造商La Rochere,以飛機的螺旋槳為設計靈感,透明的玻璃杯身搭配條紋圖案,簡約大方,容易清潔。略微向外的寬杯口使喝飲料時更方便,適合承裝水、酒和各式飲品。

- 尺寸:小杯 7 x H 6.7 cm (100 ml),大杯 8.7 x H 9.2 cm (200 ml)
- 材質:玻璃
- 產地:法國