Celebrate July 4th with Themed Dining Setting

Celebrate July 4th with Themed Dining Setting

Celebrate July 4th with Themed Dining Setting

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California is experiencing a heatwave. Is everyone ready to spend a sizzling hot 248th Independence Day?

Backyard BBQ, picnics, fireworks, pool parties... Besides preparing all kinds of delicious food, adding themed tableware and table settings can not only enhance the atmosphere of the July 4th celebration, but also make dining more fun and full of holiday spirit. Here are some ideas from Ema’s Table for you to consider.

  • Red, White & Blue Tone:

Focus on the three colors of the American flag. For example, blue tablecloth + white plates + red vase, or blue plates + white napkins + red glasses are all great choices.

  • Flag Elements:

Choose dishes, cups, and tablecloths with star or stripe patterns. Or get creative with food by arranging it on a rectangular grill or tray to resemble the flag, surprising everyone with a delightful presentation.

  • Fireworks Patterns:

Use tableware with radial lines that evoke the image of the fireworks display on July 4th night, creating the festive atmosphere on the dining table.

  • DIY Table Decorations:

Provide simple white plates and bowls, and then let family members or friends decorate with red, white, and blue paint and stickers. Kids can draw and make American flags, then place them in vases as centerpieces.

  • Classic American Symbols:

Tableware can feature classic American symbols like the Statue of Liberty, eagles, and the Golden Gate Bridge. These elements can add an educational touch to the meal, helping everyone learn more about the history of this holiday.

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加州熱浪來襲,大家準備好度過一個熱辣辣的 248th 美國獨立日了嗎?

燒烤、野餐、煙火、泳池派對。。。除了準備各式美食,如能搭配主題性的餐具和餐桌佈置,不僅能夠增強 July 4th 慶祝活動的氛圍,還能讓用餐變得更加有趣和充滿節日氣息呢。艾瑪餐桌 整理了以下 ideas 給大家參考看看喔!

  • 紅、白、藍色調


  • 國旗元素


  • 煙火圖案


  • DIY 餐桌裝飾

提供簡單的白色餐具,讓家庭成員或朋友一起用紅、白、藍色的顏料和貼紙進行裝飾,增添互動性。或讓小朋友繪畫製作美國國旗,再用花器裝上,成爲 centerpiece. 

  • 經典美國符號



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