Ema’s Table 陶瓷選品之使用方式與照護

Ema’s Table 陶瓷選品之使用方式與照護

Notes and care for Ema’s Table ceramic products: 

  • Most ceramic and porcelain products are dishwasher and microwave safe, but not suitable for oven uses.

  • Because most ceramic plates are handmade, the glaze finish or texture might vary slightly, which does not affect their use. All products are approved by the Japanese manufacturer. Place your order only if you accept this.

  • To avoid dangers, do not put ceramic and porcelain products on direct fire like gas stove, charcoal fire, induction cooker, and infrared stove.

  • Do not put ceramic and porcelain products in an oven, electric pan, or microwave for air heating. The high temperature may cause cracking or burns when holding it.

  • Do not pour ice water into hot ceramic products, or put the hot ceramic products directly into the refrigerator. The rapid temperature changes may cause it to break.

  • To avoid breaking, do not heat up a very small portion of food in a very large ceramic product. Choose the right size of a plate or a bowl according to the amount of food.

  • Avoid using sharp objects to put pressure on ceramic and porcelain products.

  • To avoid bacterial growth, please stop use if the product has chipped corners.

  • Do not clean the ceramic products with steel brushes, detergent that has harsh particles or chemical solvents, or other cleaning materials that will scratch the surface of the products. Use sponges and soft cleaning tools with neutral detergent. For stubborn oil stains or tea stains, soak the product in a detergent diluted with warm water, and then clean it with a sponge.

  • Because the pores of the ceramic will absorb dirt, avoid storing thick liquids for a long time, or soaking it for too long before washing. After cleaning, wipe it dry with a dish cloth and store it in the cabinet.

  • Because the clay and the surface glaze will shrink differently, the ceramic products often have small natural cracks on the surface. Partial cracks are not cracks inside the pottery, so they can be used safely.

Ema’s Table 陶瓷選品注意事項:

  • 可使用於洗碗機、微波爐,不建議使用於烤箱
  • 日本陶瓷餐盤商品大多為手工製作,色彩呈現不盡相同,每個商品皆存在著些許差異,並不影響使用。商品都是經過日本原廠良品認可,若無法接受請勿下單購買,謝謝。
  • 請勿把陶、瓷器器皿(非適用直火加熱商品)直接放置於火上(瓦斯爐、炭火)、電磁爐、紅外線等爐具上使用,以免發生危險。
  • 請勿將陶、瓷器器皿置於烤箱、電鍋、微波爐空燒加熱,因為器皿的溫度可能過高導致破裂、或有拿取上的危險。
  • 請勿將冰水倒入熱器皿內,或是把熱的器皿直接放入冰箱,因為快速的溫度變化可能會導致器皿破裂。
  • 避免將極少量的食物放在極大容量的器皿內加熱,因為器皿加熱溫度可能過高而無法順利端取甚至造成破裂,請依食物量多寡來選用合適大小的器皿。
  • 避免使用尖銳物品施加壓力於陶、瓷器器皿上方,正常使用且不刻意施壓可以增加商品壽命。
  • 如果商品已有缺角或裂痕,不建議繼續使用,避免細菌滋生。
  • 請勿使用有粗糙顆粒之清潔劑、化學溶劑、鋼刷、或其它會刮傷器皿表面之清潔物品清洗器皿。儘可能用海綿及軟性的清潔工具,並採用中性清潔劑清洗。如沾染頑強油漬、茶漬,可使用以溫水稀釋後的清潔劑浸泡,再以科技海綿清洗。
  • 避免長時間盛放濃稠液體,或是浸泡一陣子後才清洗,以免陶土毛細孔吸附污垢。陶器清洗後儘可能用抹布擦乾後收納,以免發霉。
  • 陶土與陶器的表面釉料的收縮率有別,表面多會產生自然局部龜裂。局部龜裂並不是陶器內部的裂痕,所以使用上是沒有問題的。